Dropbox for Educations

Dropbox for educations

What’s Dropbox?

“One centralise atmosphere for all your stuff, be anywhere.”

Dropbox for Educations allow file sharing and storage solution used in over 3,000 educational institutions worldwide. Is a locker for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website — so you can access your stuff from anywhere anytime and in any locations just a click of mouse with internet connection.

Dropbox is developed to support you — no matter what you built or how you built it. It’s why Dropbox focused on simple ways to work from anywhere, with anyone, on any type of file.
Dropbox is one of the top-rated online cloud storage being used by more than 400 million organization and many more individuals around the world. This service has its pros and cons, like many of the online file storage services, but it still offers some of the best backup capabilities, as well as security you can find in a provider.
Drop Box provide easy access to any files uploaded from any device, whether at School,College,Home, work or traveling and from any device,Dropbox for educations. be anywhere, anytime including mobile phones or tablets. All files are stored with the some of the best encryption programs available through a host of different servers. You can share any files through a specific link or only authorize a certain group to share with through each users email. Each authorized person does have to download the Dropbox software. With apps available for all your computers, tablets or phone , you can show off videos, automatically upload photos, or open documents from anywhere. Your stuff is always safe in Dropbox and can be restored in a snap. You can sync your files between any computer that uses the Dropbox icon by simply dragging and dropping your files to Dropbox. This gives you access to your files anywhere with an internet connection. For beginners users, this is probably the best cloud provider they could find.

Dropbox provides a step-by-step tour to get you started with the application. This includes a guide of the application, how to install and how to invite others to use the service. This online file storage program is compatible with all operating systems.








Dropbox offers three different types of use: Free, Pro and Teams.

The Free plan has limited storage and only a few additional features, while the Pro and Team plans offer much more customization features, depending on what you want from your cloud provider. You can review each plan before purchasing a certain plan, but the free plan is best to get started to ensure Dropbox has what you needs.

Mobile friendly

DropBox is Mobile friendly. It does not matter what type of device you use to go onto the web, you can access Dropbox through that device, including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. This makes access to your files available whenever you need them.

Pricing Structure of DropBox

• Free Version – Unlimited usage, but 2GB of storage
• Pro – 100GB of storage for $99.00 annually
• Pro – 200GB of storage for $199.00 annually
• Pro – 500GB of storage for $499.00 annually
• Team – Pricing starts at $750 annually for 5 users

The free version could be used for up to 2GB of storage. The Pro plan offered 100, 200 and 500GB of storage for different prices. The Teams plan had unlimited storage capacity, but pricing was based on the number of users in your group.

What is Dropbox for Business?

• Individual Dropbox for each user in your team
• 5 TB for 5 users, with more as your team grows
• Unlimited file recovery and versioning
• Centralized billing for all team members
• Admin controls and phone support

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